Fiero Seat Installed Wrong  Back
Recently a seat part was shipped back to MrMikes because something was 'wrong'.
It turns out that the owner did not 'Do-it-yourself', he took the kit to a professional.
With all due respect to the professional, he did not bother with the instructions.
See below for how WRONG the part was installed
and the corrective measures.

After removing the hog-rings from underneath,
lifting the rear corners revealed:

The Rear Listing was improperly attached to
the original points, NOT at the bottom
as shown in the instructions.

(this is a big deal; the upholstery is out of position,
nothing will fit properly because of this mistake)


Lifting the front corners revealed:

A layer of cotton padding was NOT
applied to the top of the leg bolsters
as shown in the instructions.

(this is a big deal; the cotton re-news the
leg bolsters / adds support / and covers
over any damage thus protecting the upholstery)


Lifting the other side revealed:

Sharp metal edges protruding through
the foam core were NOT repaired
as shown in the instructions.

(this is a big deal; if the metal frame of the seat
is allowed to come in contact with the upholstery
the frame will cut the upholstery)


a) The rod mount had torn away from the foam,
b) The hog-rings are improperly installed,

None of this was repaired or installed
as shown in the instructions.


The leg bolster had torn loose from the frame,
and was NOT repaired,
as shown in the instructions.


The final removal of the upholstery revealed:

The complete absence of the foam pads
marked 1- 2- 3 for the center of the seat,
as shown in the instructions.

This is a GIANT deal;
( without going into be benefits of these foam pads:
we are now in an area where pieces of the kit
were coming out of the box and being thrown away )



   Corrective Measures and Re-assembly:   

MrMike dis-assembled the seat bottom and:

The center listing wires were exposed
by cutting a small 'V' in the foam
with the included razor blade
as shown in the instructions

Spray glue (included) into any rips
in the foam core.

Stick the foam to close any rips,
and duct tape closed for a
durable repair.

If any of the listing wires come loose
(these are buried into the foam when new)
simply spray glue into the rip,
wait a few minutes,
push the listing wire back into the foam,
and stick the foam to close.

If the side leg bolsters seem to "Fall Over",
check to see if the foam has come loose
from the metal side of the frame.
If it is loose:
simply spray glue into the rip,
wait a few minutes,
and stick the foam back onto the frame.

Stick the 1-2-3 foam pads (included)
to the seat with spray glue (included)
as shown in the instructions

Hog-ring the center listing strips
as shown in the instructions

Slip the side listing rods into
the listing sleeves and attach.
as shown in the instructions

As shown on the paper update:
Lay a strip of cotton padding (included)
on top of the leg bolsters,
this will re-new them nicely.

Roll the upholstery over the 4 corners,,,

And you're done.
When finished the seats will not only look new
but feel new
and last another couple of decades.


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