Greg's ZR2  Back

Vetter Style
Electric Blue & Silver Metallic
Up & Over 2-tone

Hi Mike,
Finally got the new seats put in the ZR-2,
along with getting the  door panels made.
 As promised, here are some pictures of the interior:

I took the original  Fiero door panels
and cut them down thinner at the front
to clear the 94 Camaro dash.
Then shaped them for the speakers,
filled in the groove at the top,
and fiber-glassed the shape I wanted.

I then had a local company stitch the
black, blue and silver together
and glued it to the panels.
This is the second car I have put your seats into.

If our last car didn't have mint GT seats in it,
I'd buy another set...
Eventually they will wear out though :)
Car looks great !!!
Your workmanship is superb!

PFF: Max The Chainsaw

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more pictures coming soon  


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