Fiero Seat Foam Repair  Back


The Fiero seat has a "Perimeter Frame".
There is no support in the center of the seat.
Only foam to keep you off of the floor of the car.

Sometimes this foam rips.
In which case you will be sitting below the frame,
this will distort the leather.
If the foam has ripped on one side,,,

You can be sure it has ripped on the other side too.

Here you can see how if the foam has ripped,
you will be sitting on the floor.
The foam was glued back into place,
and leather strips were glued in place,
to help transfer your weight to the sides,
where the foam is supported by the frame.
Leather strips were also added to
the bottom, to support the foam.
Often the side bolsters will break loose
from the frame.
Glue them back in place.
Often the side bolsters foam will rip
and expose the metal frame.

Glue the foam back together
and repair like the backrests.
Glue on the new cushion
center foam pads
included with your kit.
A layer of 'Cotton Padding'  should be
added to the top of both side wings
prior to the leather install.

Pad the TOPS only,
do not pad the upright sides.
Once the foam core is properly repaired,
and the new upholstery installed,
the seat is as good as new.

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