Larry's 88


In a world where we put up with "things not quite right", the beautiful
leather seat covers you made for my Fiero are an outstanding exception.
They're super quality, fit perfectly, and look great. The completeness of
your kit, excellent installation video, and on-time delivery are all
greatly appreciated.

The car is an '88 Formula, and the seats are Italian style,
dark gray bolsters and pistol-grip gray inserts.
I've attached to this e-mail a picture of a modification to the dashboard
which some of your web viewers may find interesting. The voltmeter and oil
pressure gages have been relocated "where Pontiac should've put 'em":
I removed the (unnecessary) center vents and, after several days of
engineering, cutting, and filing, made room for the gages. I used a
non-GT/Formula console cover, and it all looks stock.

You're welcome to use any part of this letter and pictures,
but I prefer you'd not use my full name.
Thank you again.