Joe Bold's Fiero


Hi Mr. Mike,
Russ Wormuth,
and Mike Good;
I just wanted to say thank you for working together for me.
You guys worked together to truly give my Fiero that special touch.
Very respectfully,
Joseph T.

 MrMikes seat upholstery kit:
  GT Style
  Saddle with Palomino Tex centers
  Up & Over 2-tone
  Add Chestnut color Edge Welts
  Sew on customer's Badges

 Center armrest with cup holders by:

  Mike Good of Liberty Hill, TX

 Lower door panels by:

  Russ Wormuth of Denver, IN 




 Joe covered the original Dash Pocket
  with Palomino Tex that MrMike sewed the original Badge on.

(Click Picture to see How Joe Did This)