Russ' Miata seats for TR6


I know you have seen dozens of photos but I'm attaching a photo of your seat covers installed on my seats. The installation went really well and I expect them to only look better once they are in the car. (excuse my dirty garage).

I haven't installed the Miata seats or Bob Danielson's panels yet.
It will be hopefully sometime in the summer when I get around to that.

I purchased carpet from The Roadster Factory,
it will be slightly darker to set off the panels and the seats.

I'll send you a photo of the finished vehicle when finished.
Right now it doesn't look too good ;)

Thanks Mike (or whatever your name is) If anyone needs seats, I'll recommend your work.

Colors: Palomino and
Palomino Textured centers.

British Racing Green
TR6 logos
edge welts

Speaker holes punched
Bob Danielson Panels:
I think he does a good job on the interior panels and at much less the cost, Russ"
TR6 Doors