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MrMikes Auto Upholstery has supported the auto enthusiast community with custom seat upholstery for over 30 years. Today we're sharing answers to some of the common questions we receive about updating your seat upholstery.

1. How To Know When It's Time to Replace Your Seat Upholstery

- The seats have ripped. This one is fairly obvious, but in most cases, replacing rather than just repairing is going to deliver better results in the long run.

- The seats donít reflect the character of your car. If the interior color or styling doesnít match your exterior, updating the seats is a great way to complete the whole look.

- The seats donít reflect the quality & attention to detail that you have put into the rest of the car. Donít let outdated upholstery distract from all of your hard work.

2. Why You Should Consider a "Do-It-Yourself" Seat Kit

- As the old adage goes, sometimes if you want it done right you have to do it yourself. It can be challenging to find a vendor who will take as much care with your car as you will. This is a project you can take pride in knowing you did it yourself.

- Replacing your seat upholstery can be accomplished over a weekend. You donít have to be an upholstery expert; our step-by-step instructions will walk you through the entire process.

- Because youíre providing the labor, using a DIY kit can be a budget friendly alternative to hiring a pricier upholstery house.

3. Why Specialty Vehicle Owners Trust MrMikes

- We have experience customizing auto upholstery since 1984, and weíve perfected our patterns and materials to last.

- We are proud of our reputation for quality products & customer service. Many of our seats have proven to be show-winning.

- Each kit is custom made to the ownerís request. From two-tone to trim colors and custom logos, you can design seats that are truly your own.


We hand-craft upholstery kits for Fiero and Miata seats. These seats are readily available and inexpensive to find used. These types of car seats are unusually low and narrow enough to fit into a wide variety of sports cars.

  Examples Include:

Vintage Mustang
Vintage Camaro

Kit Cars
and many more...
Contact us today to discuss your
design ideas and request a quote.
We ship worldwide.
Video instructions and all
installation tools are included.


Why put Miata seats in a European roadster?


The Miata seat is High-Back, meaning it incorporates a head restraint.
 (headrest is simply short for head restraint)


This man is 5 ft. 10
 He is sitting in a Miata seat.
 See how his head and shoulders are supported.

*Notice the Blue line is at the seam between
 the bolster and headrest.

Using the Blue line for reference:

See how the original seat provides poor shoulder support
and no neck or head restraint.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

head/neck motion of whiplash begins when a vehicle is accelerated forward by an impact. The torso moves forward after compressing the seat back, but the head lags behind. Then the head rotates rearward, bending or extending the neck back in an extension-rotation motion while the torso ramps up the seat back. Next the head and torso rebound forward. During this rebound, the head rotates forward, causing a flex (forward-bent) neck posture be-fore the body settles back in the seat."
End quote.

It can happen.


Why choose the Miata seat?

Miata seats are inexpensive & easy to find.

It starts with calling your local wrecking yard and asking for:
1990 Ė 1997 Mazda Miata seats, MrMikes fits all those years.


Miata seats have a modern recline feature.


Miata seats are bolstered for side support.


Miata seats are easy to adapt to your car.

There are suppliers who make Miata seat adapters
specifically for different cars or you can make your own.


Why choose the MrMikes Upholstery Kit?


Fits right:



Color & Style:











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