Mark's Miata seats in MG


Shown Here:

Palomino leather-ette
with Dark Green edge welts
Dark Green MG logos.

Miata seats are
'Waterfall' type.
See below for seat bolting
information tips.


I just bolted Miata seats into a
1966 MG and thought I’d throw in my 2 cents:

I swapped the passenger seat to the driver’s side, this way the recliner mechanism and handle fit nicely as the transmission tunnel is narrower in the rear. The side of the Miata seat was placed very close to the door sill frame, leaving just enough space for the carpeting. This also allows the driver seat to move far enough forward for a shorter person to depress the clutch easily, before the seat wedges itself up to the wider front of the transmission tunnel.
I used the Miata seat tracks. They have a pin at the front of each track, I simply cut these pins off with a jigsaw. There is a slight downward angle at the end of each track where the floor bolts pass through, I did not alter this angle, it did not prove to be a problem.
Under the floor of the MG was a box frame member right where I wanted to drill holes for the front holes of the seat track bolts. I did not want the hassle of bolting through this frame member so:
(A) On the driver’s side I drilled holes through the floor forward of the frame member, but forward enough to allow very large washers to clear the frame member. This allows the Miata seat track to move the seat forward enough for a shorter person to depress the clutch easily, and move rearward until it is stopped by the inward curve of the door sill frame.
(B) On the passenger side I drilled holes through the floor rearward of the frame member. On the passenger side was the gas line and electrical harness. Bolting the seat tracks rearward of the frame member avoided this area and still allows the seat to move fore & aft for passenger comfort.
I used 1-1/2 inch long bolts, 1/2 inch diameter, with a 3/4 inch wrench size heads. The washers ‘top-side’ through the tracks were smaller than the very large fender type washers under the floor. Lock washers were used under the floor. $15 total cost at the local hardware store.

The entire process took about an hour for both seats.