Steve's Miata seats in a
Datsun Fairlady


 Mr. Mike,
I have a project. This is a 1966 Datsun roadster resto-mod. That’s a 250 HP Nissan Turbo motor in there. You can probably see the Miata seats in there and I need covers. I like the black leather with red piping and pleat style shown on the red TR6 below. I will also need a bunch of matching leatherette to finish the other trim areas in the car. I would like some type of logo, are other logos possible? I show the standard Datsun logo below but it might look kind of goofy. Your thoughts? Regards, Steve


Believe it or not, these roadsters were called “Fairladys”. In fact the 370Z’s made today are still called Fairladys. Here is what the fender Fairlady script looks like, only the 63 thru 65’s were actually badged Fairlady. Then Datsun went to 1600 and 2000 badges on the fenders.
Do you think Fairlady could be done with red thread on the seats??

Hi Steve,
   Here is a picture of the Fairlady logo test. I have placed it on the Miata seat pattern for size reference.
Let me know, Thanks.

*Steve approves logos.


All done. Need to massage out some wrinkles. Time and a little hot weather should help that a bit also.


 Hi Steve, Thanks for the picture, you did a good job.
Yes; let the seats sit in the sun to warm - push the upholstery around as you would smooth out wrinkles in your shirt sleeves.