Fiero Upholstery
Two-Tone Option


Two-Tone is a free option (any two standard colors).
When naming Two-Tone the first color is the Primary,
the second color name is the Center.


 1969 Corvette Metallic Blue & Black

  + Black piping

 <Shown Here: The customer ordered special
1969 Bright Blue Metallic from a Corvette interior company
and sent it to MrMikes. The Fiero upholstery kit was made with it,
adding MrMikes Black leather for the centers
with embroidered Corvette Stingray logos.
 Palomino & Cashmere
 <Shown Here: Fiero seats for a 1977 Corvette retro-fit.
The Palomino matched the customer's stock interior, the
Cashmere (a light parchment color) was picked to compliment
the exterior Cream paint color.
Options include:
Up & Over 2-tone.
Vette #2 embroidered logos.
Vetter Style.
 Cashmere & Gray Cloth

<Shown Here: Fiero seats for a 1978 Corvette retro-fit.
*Sometimes unusual color combinations work very well together.
I would like to take credit for thinking of Cashmere & Gray Cloth,,,
but I can't.
 The customer thought of this. Looks great in my opinion.
Options include:
Up & Over 2-tone.
Vette #2 embroidered logos.
Dark Gray piping.
GT Style.
 Cashmere & Chestnut

<Shown Here: Fiero seats for a 1974 Bricklin SV-1.
  *SV-1 stood for "safety vehicle one".

GT Style.
Custom embroidered logos.
 Yellow & Black

   +Black piping
 Flint & Flint Dots centers.
 Electric Blue Cloth & Purple Cloth.
  GT Style
   Hand painted Badges.
 Dark Gray Leather-ette with
  Electric Blue Cloth
   and Pontiac Racing embroidered logos.