Seat Belt
Slots & Straps


 Seat Belt Slots option
 4 slots: $40 (does both seats).

 These 'slots' are sewn in 'tongues' of leather buried
 into the front and rear seams at the base of the headrest.
 They allow you to pass a 2-3 inch seat belt
 through the upholstery.

 < Shown here: 4 slots (2 under each headrest)
    for use with a 4-Point racing harness.

  Slots are buried in the seams.

 Seat Belt Slots option
 2 slots: $20 (does both seats).

< Shown here: 2 slots (only 1 under each headrest)
    Outboard slot only, such as for the Corvette.

  Same as the 4-point racing harness slots,
    just half of them.


 Shoulder Belt Straps option
 2 straps: $20 (does both seats).

Straps are attached the outboard sides of the headrest.
 This is an alternative to running the shoulder belt
 through the seat.

 < Shown here: Shoulder belt straps in MG.


It is necessary to cut the foam and steel of the seat to allow the belts to pass through.
Here are the instructions:


Remove the old upholstery.

 The leather tongues X are sewn into the new upholstery  just above the upholstery headrest mount.

  You will cut through the seat at the base of the headrest, just above the seat's headrest mount.

  The slot in the seat is cut just ABOVE the seat's headrest mount, shown here as a green line. Do not disturb the seat's headrest mount.

 Place an awl (or other sharp instrument) just above the seat's headrest mount, just inside the corner (where the headrest meets the bolster). Hit with a hammer....

3. will punch though the sheet metal on the back of the seat.

  Punch through on the other corner (2).

  Measure in 3 inches and punch again (3 & 4).

  This will make four punched holes through the back.



 Turn the seat over, feel for the punched holes.

  Cut an ellipse in the foam so you can see the punched holes.

  Use a putty knife to scrape away any foam.


  Using sheet metal snips cut an ellipse 3 inches long by 1 inch tall.
  Use the punched holes as reference points.

 You are now done cutting the back.


  From the front side,
slit the foam ABOVE the headrest mount between the two punched holes (3 inches).

  Cut just a slit, do not cut a hole.

  You are done altering the foam and steel of the seat.


  To install the upholstery:

  Slide the headrest on as usual, before fastening the upholstery push the leather 'tongues' into the slits in the foam.

  Then attach the upholstery as usual.

  When finished you will have created a pass through for your shoulder harnesses.


   If you have any questions please contact MrMike