Rob & Renne's Wild Ride !


   Thanks again, great as always, after buying 4 sets I'm always amazed at the consistent high level of quality. Rob and I will be taking this car to the Daytona show.

New Hampshire
1987 Formula

Hi Mr.Mike,

   Rob and I are coming down to the Daytona Florida Fiero Weekend!
We need to get out of this cold, snowy weather for a bit.
I see you are going to be there. We are looking forward to finally meeting you. We are bringing our t-top Formula with the Beechwood seats in it that we got from you.
   We will see you there! :-)


Daytona Show Winner!

Rob and I just got home from our trip yesterday and I just wanted to send you a couple of pics of our Formula. She was totaled in PA when we took a ride UNDER an 18 wheeler!
  It was NOT a good day.
Like a carnival ride gone wild.


 We spun under the trailer, watched the windshield fold down, the tops shatter, then caught UNDER the truck and spun around backwards. I was relived that it would soon all end, thinking that the truck was going to stop.
To my surprise, we started to ACCELERATE, this is when we stared to panic a little. The driver of the rig had no idea we were under the trailer. We got dragged like this for what seemed forever. Going back to the scene we realized that he pulled us about a mile. Finally I started to see things slow down, I knew things we're coming to and end. We finally came to a stop. Thank God!!!
I open the door, and stepped out of the car. Not a single bump or bruise. Renee, on the other hand, was stuck in the car. Not pinned or anything, and not hurt (except of a gash in her elbow) but not enough room to get out. The driver of the rig ran around and couldn't believe what he saw. More amazing to him was the fact that I walk out as if nothing happened and that Renee was ok as well. He figured we were dead, as did everyone else who showed up on the scene.

  Everyone was in disbelief that we walked away from this accident.
Unfortunately, the Formula T-top is no more.
Now it will become a roadster
We will try to salvage the car seeing that it was one of our favorites and saved our lives.
   I kept telling everyone there that if anyone talked smack about the safety of a Fiero, tell them about what you just witnessed.


I guess you can now say your seat covers are "crash tested"! :-) They survived REALLY well. If it wasn’t for the people factor, there would have been NO damage!


Here are some pics of what the Formula looks like today. A sad sight but not as bad as expected. Actually the rescue unit did more damage with the jaws of life then the accident itself, but all in all she fired right up and I DROVE her into Bob's garage. May she have a well deserved rest.
She will be back.


   Well the leather sunvisors looked good for a few days:)


                Invincible !!


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