MrMikes Matching
Leather, Leather-ette, & Cloth


Matching Leather, Leather-ette, and Cloth is available to complete your interior.

   1.  Leather-ette and Cloth is 54 inches wide and sold by the running yard, meaning they are connected. 1 yard is 54” X 36”, 2 yards is 54” X 72”, 3 yards is 54” X 108”, etc. Each yard contains 13 and ˝ square feet. The price of vinyl or cloth is $21 per running yard, or about $1.50 per square foot ($28 per yard for German imported leather-ette). These are synthetic manufactured products so the quality is consistent and free of flaws.

 Because leather-ette is less expensive I recommend using it on large parts like dashboards and door panels.
Leather is best used for “contact points”; places the occupants are in contact with the interior; like the seats.

   2. Leather is sold by the square foot. Leather is not a nice rectangle; it is shaped like a cow. Being a natural product leather hides contain flaws like brand marks, bee stings, and bullet holes.
 *You send MrMike paper patterns of what you need and he will cut these pieces for you from a seat matching leather hide. Leather is priced  at $10 sq. ft. for cut pieces. Measurements are converted from square inches to square feet, such as: a 9 X 17 inch cut piece is 153 square inches or 1.06 square feet or $10.60. These cut pieces are free of flaws.