Kristian's Fiero in Sweden


Super-Sport Style
Colors- Midnight & Dark Gray
Red welts and logos.

Hi MrMike!
I'm really pleased with the seats. I had them installed for some time now, been thinking I must finish the rest of the stuff I ordered before sending pic's.
But since I never seem to get enough time to do door panels and headliner, I finally decided to go out and take a shot anyway.

x I drove to a high place overlooking downtown Göteborg,
taking shots with the car in the foreground.
I spent about 4 hours with a photographer from the "Auto Motor & Sport" magazine today. He must have taken over 100 shot's of my car.
He promised to send some pic's of the interior, for me to send to you. But i guess he forgot. He was in a hurry when we parted, he was flying to Germany for the soccer
I got the seats done pretty quick after I got them, I also changed the carpets, shift, and E-brake boots.
But then I got stuck! I should have done the doors first, but since I wanted to get the headliner done before installing the seats back, I started with the headliner.
And I must say, it's basically impossible to get the headliner to follow the curve of the inner ceiling. I have no sunroof, so I have a really difficult shaped headliner.

x I finally decided to add one coat of fiberglass and then smoothen and paint in the same red metallic as the outside of the car.
(Not done it yet though.)

Here are some pic's for you.
(The headliner is missing.)
I will send you more pic's when it's all done though.
I can also remove the steering wheel for pic's.
I have "SnapOff" installed, so it comes of in a "snap".
Göteborg / Sweden.


(c) 2006