Saved from the Crusher


Thanks for the prompt service!

I'll send you some pictures - but not right away. This Fiero was on its way to the crusher when I rescued it and it's not a pretty sight right now...

Well... Here's the interior as I got it. You can see why I was interested in new upholstery (grin).

 1986 Sport Coupe

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   The shipment arrived Friday evening; I recovered the passenger seat Friday night (easy one first) and the driver's seat Saturday morning. It all went back together Saturday night and  the difference is striking. Your kit was great - everything I needed except duct tape - and the instructions were very clear.

   The material and fit were perfect; when I had both seats covered and sitting next to each other I was amazed to see that they were identical. To create those covers from so many parts and pieces and have them come out exact speaks very highly of your skill and dedication to your craft.

  The steering wheel is stock; this is a Fiero "sport coupe" so that may be the reason that looks different. It had different (but stock) wheels on it, too. I spent some time matching the production label against RPO codes to figure this car out - everything checks out but this isn't the "popular" model to restore.
Actually, I'd like to replace (some day) that steering wheel and the shift knob with something nicer; the plain gray plastic look doesn't excite me...