88 Style




88 Style
per pair - Leather-ette
$699 per pair - Leather
 Vertical pleats in the insert area replicate
 the original 1988 Fiero leather seat upholstery.

 Includes video instructions & install kit.

< Dark Tan (Beechwood)
2 < Dark Gray
3 < Dark Tan (Beechwood)

I'm sure that you get images all the time of completed seats.
We'll here's how mine turned out.
Wanted to thank you for making the installing of the covers as easy as possible.
Total time to complete both seats with the gluing and
covering with cotton and duct tape 4 hours.
 After watching your video showing your tips.
Well worth the time
The worst part was cutting off the old hog rings.
Needed a better pair of wire cutters.
Would not hesitate to do it again.
Again, Thanks for putting together a great product.
Curt De.

<TR New Tan